Sierra Alloys

Our mission at Sierra Alloys is to be the premier supplier of titanium and alloy mill products in the Aerospace industry.

TSI Titanium

TSI Titanium has been providing customer focused, quality titanium bar solutions for aerospace, medical, and commercial applications for half a century.

Sierra Sheet & Plate

Sierra Sheet & Plate continually meets and exceeds customer expectations, specifically in the areas of Quality Material and On Time Delivery.


Brown-Pacific is committed to be the highest quality manufacturer of stainless, nickel and high-temperature alloy wire & bar products in the industry.

Built to be Nimble, Reactive, and United

With four medium-sized manufacturing facilities, purpose-built and focused on speed, quality and reliability.

We are a privately held company with ownership committed to strategic long-term growth.

Investing in an extensive raw material inventory, and continuing to purchase strategically based on market conditions, is in our DNA.